Ignatius Nnaemeka Onwuatuegwu (PhD), Hillary Elochukwu Anaelom


This paper explores the philosophical understanding of human being and being human. Many people feel that even to seek and comprehend existence and what it means to be human is a pointless endeavour. It is philosophically a complicated adventure. There is a need to strive and grasp reality and embrace the various facets of life because it will be of immense value to understand the basic values of life. Apprenticing of the positive and negative powers of creation allows one to choose wisely from the options. Being human requires balancing hundreds of extremes. Sometimes, we tend to resist these extremes, but at other times it appears like we have to follow them to grasp life better. The essence of the heart is when we fall together and emotions. Where reason is perfectly matched by emotions and where mind and body join in total harmony, a new quality springs out; this has nothing to do with emotion or purpose, but instead something greater and fuller. The comprehension of these principles gives us the answer to all of what is divine and natural. Many people find it difficult to consider greater pleasures than sensual pleasures. However, being human entails finding the finest beauty, the greatest quality of life, the absolute pleasure of living that arises when we are fully present, and life is in harmony somewhere deep into reality.


Philosophy, Analysis, Human Being, Being Human, Comparative Review.

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