Edwin Chukwuagozie Elujekwute (PhD), Jane Ogoma Aja (PhD), Ibrahim Umaru Danburam (PhD), Faiza Bashir Umar


The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic created social and economic upheaval on the global stage bringing the world to a standstill in virtually every sphere of human affairs including education, healthcare and tourism among others. This paper thus examined Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria. The paper underscored the areas of ravaging impacts to include healthcare, poverty, education development, unemployment, economy, tourism, environment, and micro and medium enterprises. The seventeen (17) set goals of the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are critical aspects of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which were launched in 2001. Consequently, the paper recommends that in order to ensure the sustenance of Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the Nigeria government should ensure that both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical measures on the Covid-19 are strictly followed so as to repel the virus from Nigeria. Palliative measures should be provided by the government to cushion the effects of the pandemic while equally diversifying the economy, especially in the areas of agriculture in order to provide a viable economic alternative for the country’s survival.


Covid-19 Pandemic, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Impacts, Nigeria.

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