Ifeanyi A. Chukwudebelu, Wilson Ejiofor Anowia (PhD), Nganwuchu Geoffrey Chiazo (PhD)


This comprehensive study delves into the Calvinist perspective on justice, particularly within the context of the Protestant tradition and its implications for the Nigerian church and society. Exploring the dynamic nature of tradition, apostolic tradition, and the evolution of Protestant beliefs, the research emphasizes the living and evolving force of the Reformation tradition. Focusing on Calvinism, the article unveils its theological tenets, particularly its unique stance on divine justice, mercy, and reconciliation. The Calvinist understanding of justice is vividly illustrated through the lens of historical events, such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. The implications for the Nigerian church are discussed, advocating for the incorporation of Calvinist principles into its role in society, cultural engagement, and pursuit of justice. In essence, the article asserts that embracing the Calvinist perspective positions the church as a transformative force, contributing to positive societal change and cultural renewal.


Calvinist Perspective, Justice, Protestant Tradition, Implications, Church, Society, Nigeria.

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