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Life in many African societies has become a burden too heavy to bear. The value and worth of man in Africa are being constantly eroded as a result of insecurity, war, poverty, hunger, sicknesses and diseases and the attendant fear, frustration and despondence. This research argues that given the myriads of life’s vicissitudes and burdens man faces in Africa today, many have opted to terminate owns life. Hence, the reason for rising cases of suicide in the society today. Using descriptive phenomenology and secondary sources of data collection, the research underscored that suicide is not among the best options to human problems. Suicide is against all known religions in the world. Natural law theory is opposed to it. It erodes the value, worth and sanctity of human life.  The act of taking owns life as a means to an end, is an aggravation of the woes of man rather than its solution. It is a case of moving from ‘frying pan to fire.’ To address this menace, therefore, all hands must be on deck. Leaders at all levels: political, religious, and community; should rise to the occasion and work with other stakeholders in the society to ameliorate the rising cases of suicide in Africa.


Suicide, morality, Africa, human value, ethics, religion.

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