Nguveren Kyernum (PhD), Kyernum Nyamibo (PhD)


Human health is very significant since it determines all other human activities. This study examines the activities of faith based health institutions in Benue North-West Senatorial District and how this has improved the health of the rural people. The objectives pursued by the study were to examine the available faith based health institutions in the study area, to evaluate the service delivery of the health institutions and assess their impact on the health of the rural people, the study apply the survey methodology. Gwer, Gwer-west, Tarka and Buruku Local Governments were chosen for study; population of study was all workers and clergies in the church denominations and health institutions in the Local Government Areas, all beneficiaries of the health institutions and members of the general society. With the use of stratified and purposive sampling, 234 respondents were chosen. Data were collected through structured interview and key informant interview, while data analysis was carried out using tables’ percentages and the descriptive interpretive analysis. Findings show that, 13 health institutions were setup by 15 consistories and Parishes. These health institutions had adequate staff and equipment to operate, services rendered includes treatment of diseases and sicknesses, family planning, immunization HIV management, health and hygiene orientation. These were seen to have improved the health of the rural people in several ways including; prevention of diseases, anti-natal care for mothers and children, easy access to medical care during emergence situations like accident and delivery. The health institutions were however confronted with challenges including poor funding, low wages, and inadequate accommodation. It was then concluded that, Faith based health institutions have contributed much to the health of the rural people. Recommendations were made among others that, Government and Non-governmental organizations should partner with faith based health institutions to provide adequate health services to the rural people.


Faith Based Organizations, Health Institutions, Rural Health Improvement, Benue North West Senatorial District, Chriatianity.

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