Chiedu A. Onyiloha (PhD), Joseph Ateiwa


This research presented HIV/AIDS patients as one of the health problems in Tiv, Benue State of Nigeria. The HIV and AIDS remained an incurable ailment including its negative impacts on local and world scale. Some Tiv people are susceptible to carriage of disease as well as its sufferers. This posed an ethical problem for both patients and members of society. Thus, the study scrutinized HIV/AIDS, the current situations of patients, and the societal response. The findings of the work indicated a sphere of confidentiality about HIV/AIDS as a result of stigmatization associated with the pandemic, especially the public perception of immorality as one of the causes of the health problem. This perception has become a recurrent in Tiv society. The research approached the matter from Christian ethical point of view. In the data gathering and investigation, the work adopted and applied relevant theories to the problem of HIV/AIDS. At the end, the work made a number of recommendations aimed at abating the health challenges posed by the pandemic to Tiv society as well as protecting the human dignity, rights and privileges.


HIV/AIDS, Human dignity, Palliatives, Christian ethics, Tiv, Nigeria.

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