Odinakolisa Christopher Okudo (PhD), Hilary Ozoemena Okwunalu, Ogechukwu Scholastica Okafor


This study was on occupational stress as correlate to parenting and child development in Anambra Central senatorial district. Correlation survey design was used for the study. Two research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. The population of the study was all the families under 20 years of marriage totaling 900 and census sampling technique was used. The instrument for study was a questionnaire made up of two clusters and containing twenty items to measure how occupational stress correlates to parenting and child development. Three briefed assistants helped to distribute the questionnaires which were all collected. The reliability of the instrument was ascertained using split half method and Cronbach’s alpha was used to do the calculation and the result yielded a reliability coefficient () of 0.69.The data collected was analyzed using Pearson Product moment of correlation to answer the research questions and -t- test for correlation to test the hypotheses. The findings of the study revealed that a high positive correlation of 0.79 and 0.78 respectively exist between occupational stress, parenting and child development in Anambra central senatorial zone. The hypothesis revealed that rural parents had less occupational stress than urban parents. Based on the above findings the following recommendations among others were proffered namely: Conferences Seminars and workshops on the impact of occupational stress are to be organized by stakeholders, secondly, the government and entrepreneurs should endeavour to create a good working ambience.


Occupational Stress, Correlation, Parenting Activity, Child Development, Anambra Central Senatorial District.

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