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Construction waste is a problem in the Nigerian construction industry which negatively affects the performance of many construction projects. Therefore, the main goal of this study was to investigate the outcome of poor materials management (PMM) on wastage of materials and quality of construction work in Nigeria. This study surveyed on-going building construction projects in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, using purposive non-probability sampling techniques. Data collection was based on the literature review, recording sheets with checklists with statements (Likert items) and responses to observe and document the outcome. The descriptive analysis of the data was based on computing the mode that describes the most frequently occurring outcome or outcome of PMM in construction projects. The results showed that PMM has a high outcome on materials waste and moderate outcome on the quality of building projects. Based on these findings, it can be concluded that effective management of materials in construction projects would reduce the material waste generation and increase quality of work on building projects.


construction, materials flow, poor materials management, quality, waste.

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