Festus Elugom Ubogu, Emmanuel Onyeka Ejiofor (PhD)


This study was carried out to determine the effect of make or buy decisions on the consumption of shawama, meat pie and pop corn as consumer goods using utilization, hedonic and economic values that consumers derived. A survey design was used with a sample size of 28 made of up senior and junior of the survey fast food. Chi-square and Wald statistic are applied in the study. Finding reveals that: product quality played no role in the buy share decision that a higher advantage of buy over make on hedonic value is, the higher the odds that consumers will engage in buy behavior. In all contexts investigated utilitarian value is a key derived for engaging potential users that have not yet been convinced to use co-production to fulfill their category weeds. It was recommended among others that marketers should emphases the utilitarian aspects their products when attempting to entice consumers into buying consumer into buying consumers goods. And that hedonic value must be considered when marketing to ensure buyers as it plays a strong role in increasing share of what is the primary goal of marketing efforts.


Hedonism, utilitarianism, Economic value, MOB Decision effects, Consumers.

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