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This study x-rays the relationship between the process of globalization and the growing incidence of international terrorism or even agitation by the different ethnic nationalities in the world today .America through NATO champions powerful agenda of relegating other non NATO countries who are less technological and wealthy to mere producers of raw material which they use to manufacture goods for imperialistic and Global tendencies. The north represented by America, and her economic and socio-political preponderance made the south especially the Middle East countries in the guise of globalization second fiddle or even subservient in their own God given oil mineral. The north and America created unequal condition and coercing the south into clients in their own home; forcing them to embrace or be incorporated into the world industrialized economy by un-equal relations whether the incessant and consistent international terrorism in the middle East be linkable to the pursuit of American economic interest and oil in the middle East, wether the imposition of American political, social and economic will and ideology on the middle East countries is likable to violent terrorism in the middle East.  This paper is a theoretical contribution to knowledge and addition to the existing literature in the field of global terrorism with a call to third world leaders in the south to end terrorism, local and global.



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