Polycarp M. Bot, Timothy Clement, Gideon Kolo Ndagi


This study evaluated the influence of un-conventional (local) substance (Latrine sniffing, Solution, fuel, lizard faeces, zakami, Tom-Tom in Lecasera, Gutter Water) abuse on Political Thuggery among Youths in Jos-North L.G.A. Plateau State. Seventy (70) Youths were sampled for this study within the age bracket of 16-30 years. The research design employed for this study is the survey method. While primary and secondary methods were employed for data collection, qualitative and quantitative methods of data analysis were used. Data were edited on the field daily and entered into Statistical Package for Social Sciences (Version 21.0)12 for analyses. Data were presented using tables. Chi-square test was used to compare categorical variables and level of statistical significance set at p<0.05.The participants were Youths who are still searching for admission or out of school doing menial jobs. Substance use scale was developed to assess the prevalence of substance use and possible reasons as to why they indulge in the use and abuse of substance. The mean for the frequency of substance abuse was 2.48 with a standard deviation of 3.696. The result showed that political thuggery amongst Youth in Jos North L.G.A. was largely connected to substance abuse, with level of significance 0.395 ≥0.5. The study found out that painful experience, economic conditions, low level of literacy, selfish attitude of Politicians towards the Youths indulge them to substance use, making them ready tools of terror in the hands of selfish Politicians. It was recommended that government; non-Governmental Organizations and individuals interested in substance abuse should focus on the youths as they are at greater risk to indulge in political thuggery.


Influence, Substance abuse, Political Thuggery, Youth, Jos North LGA.

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