Ademola Adesoji, Moyosore Alade (PhD)


This qualitative study delves into the intricate symbiotic relationship between communication strategies and institutional development within the context of Osun State University since the year 2019. As higher education institutions worldwide face evolving challenges and opportunities, effective communication emerges as a cornerstone for facilitating sustainable growth and development. Osun State University serves as a unique case study in this research, providing valuable insights into the dynamic interplay between communication initiatives and the university's overall development. Through in-depth interviews, content analysis, and document review, this study explores how communication practices and strategies have contributed to the evolution and transformation of Osun State University. It investigates the role of communication in shaping the institution's mission, vision, and strategic objectives. Moreover, it examines the impact of internal and external communication processes on various facets of institutional development, including academic excellence, research advancement, student engagement, and community outreach. The findings of this research reveal the multifaceted ways in which communication has influenced the institution's trajectory since 2019. It uncovers the pivotal role of transparent and strategic communication in fostering stakeholder engagement, promoting a culture of innovation, and enhancing the university's reputation. Additionally, the study sheds light on the challenges and opportunities encountered in aligning communication efforts with the institution's development goals. This study contributes to the existing body of knowledge on the symbiotic relationship between communication and institutional development in higher education settings. It offers practical insights and recommendations for university administrators, policymakers, and communication professionals seeking to harness the power of effective communication to drive positive institutional change. Ultimately, this research underscores the essential nature of communication as an enabler of growth and development in the modern university landscape, with implications extending beyond Osun State University to higher education institutions globally.


Symbiotic relationship, Communication strategies, Institutional development, Higher education, Stakeholder engagement.

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