Festus Ubogu (PhD), Emmanuel Onyeka Ejiofor (PhD)


This study examines the effects of corporate governance on firm performance. Ordinary least square of data analysis was adopted. The data used were sourced from the annual report of the selected banks. The specific objectives of the study are to examine the effect of directors’ remuneration, determine the effect of board size, to ascertain the effect of board duality, and to investigate the effect of board gender on firm performance of quoted banks. The study revealed that director’s remuneration, board size, and board gender have negative influence on profitability while BOARD DUALITY HAS POSITIVE effect. The study concludes that Nigerian banks should apply good corporate governance principles to achieve organizational objectives. The study recommends among others that board size should be reduced to the barest minimum since it influences the PAT negatively.


Effects, Corporate Governance, Dynamics, Firm Performance, Banking Industry, Nigeria.

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