Oluwafemi Adesanoye (PhD), Lawrence Adegoke (PhD)


The ever-dynamic business environment of the Nigerian banking sector has called for serious competition. Success is dependent on the combination of right communication strategies and brand positioning strategies as banks strive for brand equity, customer patronage and loyalty. Studies have recognized Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) as the pathway to brand positioning, but none of the studies in Nigeria has examined the relationship between IMC and brand positioning in the banking sector. Therefore, this study traces the link between IMC and brand positioning in Stanbic IBTC bank, Wema Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank and First City Monument Bank in Nigeria. Focus group discussion and In-depth interview sessions with customers and Corporate Communication Manager indicated that IMC help communicate brand positions within the marketplace. It also helps raise brand awareness, communicate unique selling propositions, and create superior edge in the competitive market. The findings of the study show that the chosen banks achieve brand equity, loyalty, and patronage through IMC. The results further affirm that IMC could have a positive influence on brand positioning.


Integrated marketing communication, brand positioning, Nigerian banks, brand equity, competitors.

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