Sunday Nosa Ugbogbo, Lucky Abioluwajumi


The essence of planning and budgeting in any given country of the world is to make life abundant and tolerable through the provision of necessary infrastructure and economic development initiative. However, Nigeria’s case is different where for over five decades; the country is in a state of disrepair as far as infrastructural development is concerned. This study, therefore, is an attempt at reforming planning and budgeting process in Nigeria vis-à-vis policy and legislative reforms. The study employed a cross-sectional survey design for this work. It involves gathering of data about the planning and budgeting process in Nigeria. A total of four hundred (400) respondents were chosen for the study out of the population from Finance offices of Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s) at Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The study employs both descriptive and inferential statistics for data analysis.  Ordinary Least Square (OLS) Regression was used to test the hypothesis of the study. Analysis revealed that delay and complex budgetary process, leading to inefficiency and bad performance has significant relationship on budgeting processes in Nigeria. While late submission of budget by the executive arm and delay at the Nigeria National Assembly (NASS) has no significant relationship on budgeting processes in Nigeria. In conclusion and by way of recommendation, the hurdles of a complex budgetary system facing the Nigerian government which is characterised by delays, inefficiency and bad performance can easily be overcome through a comprehensive overhauling or reforming of the entire policy and legislative act. If this is done with proper enforcement of the relevant laws, Nigeria will start to enjoy the dividends of democracy.


Planning Essentials, Budgeting Process, Policy, Public Sector, Legislative Reforms.

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