Deborah Bolanle Oloyede, Babalola Oluwayemi Oginni (PhD)


Globally organizations around the world are currently shifting strategies and priorities toward more green oriented agenda. Hence, Human Resource Management (HRM) professionals need to rethink the mission and extend the reach of their practices through the integration of green management practices to improve the conduct of fundamental HRM practices. This approach can be understood as the process of green organizations along with their talents. In this process of greening, organizations are to take certain initiatives and follow certain practices to fulfil their own specific goals as well as make their contribution towards the broader objective of environmental protection. The present study, therefore, intended to explore various practices that must be undertaken in order to make the organizations green. In addition, an attempt was made to explore the status of these activities in various organizations. To achieve these objectives, archival method was used to review the existing literature. As such, the present study is an endeavor to contribute to the pool of existing knowledge by highlighting the significant works of previous researchers in a very simplified manner and by providing an overview of Green HRM practices.


Green Oriented Agenda, Human Resource Management, HRM Practices, Employee Engagement.

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