Gertrude Onyema Ikpekaogu (PhD), N. P. Ogbuokiri (PhD)


This study investigated counselling against addictive behaviours of unemployed youths in Abia State, Nigeria. Quasi-experimental research design was adopted for the study. Random and purposive sampling techniques were used to choose 500 respondents. The instrument for data collection was the researchers’ self-constructed questionnaire titled “Counselling Strategy for Addictive Behaviours of Unemployed Youth’s Questionnaire” (CAABUYQ). The instrument was subjected to test re-test reliability coefficient which yielded 0.73. Data collected was analysed using frequency, mean and difference in mean for the research questions while t-test and analysis of variance (ANOVA) was use to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significant. The results of the study revealed that counselling strategies reduced the addictive behaviours of unemployed youths. The results also showed that addictive behaviours of the male unemployed youths reduced after counselling. More so, there is no significant difference in the reduction of addictive behaviour of unemployed, youths after counselling strategies employed in Abia State, Nigeria based on gender among others. The study recommended that parents should ensure their children and wards mingle with good friends and also monitor all their day to day activities. Parents should drum it to the ears of their children and wards that they need to avoid hard drugs in order to avoid putting their lives in dangers.


Counselling, Addictive behaviours, Unemployed youths, Counsellors.

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