Salisu Abba Yangaiya (PhD), Rabi Dalhat Adamu, Nnamdi Sunday Emmanuel (PhD)


This study is aimed at examining the relationship between Job Satisfaction (JS) and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB) of lecturers of higher institutions in Katsina State Nigeria. Four hundred and three participants were used in the study. The study used job satisfactions and organizational citizenship behavior questionnaires to get the needed data. All the questionnaires were adopted and adapted.  To analyze the data gathered descriptive statistics and multiple regression analyses were used using Special Package for Social Science Research (SPSS) version 20.0. The findings indicate that Job Satisfaction statistically and significantly predict Organizational Citizenship Behaviors of lecturers of higher institutions in Katsina State Nigeria (R2 .49). The findings stress the need for heads of higher institutions to come up with means of enhancing satisfaction of their followers in order to motivate and encourage them to exhibit Citizenship Behaviors in their respective institutions. The findings add to the existing literature especially in Nigeria where little was written on the area. 


Job Satisfaction, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Higher Institutions, Katsina State, Nigeria.

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