Olubukola Oluwatosin Olubena, Christian Uchenna Ugwuda


This study examined nursing job effectiveness and the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria. Three research questions were raised and answered in the study. A correlation research design was used. Simple random sampling technique was used in choosing a total of 95 nurses across nine general hospitals in Ogun East Senatorial District of Ogun State. Researcher self-developed instrument tagged: Nursing Job Effectiveness and Covid-19 Pandemic Questionnaire (NJECOVQ) with 0.94 reliability coefficient was used for data collection. Descriptive statistics of mean and bar-chart were used for answering research questions. The findings of the study revealed that management of ongoing care and treatment in hospital, assess, plan and administer daily treatment and manage general health, record medical history and symptoms, collaborate with teams to plan for patient care, advocate perform diagnostic tests and educate patients about management of illnesses were among the level of job effectiveness of nurses in public hospital. Years of experience, personal income inform of salary, workplace relationship, job autonomy, organizational support, organization work justice, adherence to professionalism, leadership development and nursing environment were among the correlates of nursing job effectiveness in public hospital. Depressive symptoms, tiredness, improved anxiety level, reduced work hours and increases in numbers of nurses that death were among the likely effects of Covid-19 pandemic on nursing job effectiveness. The study recommended that there is need to support the nurses physically and psychologically in their day to day task to allay their anxiety. Hospital administrators should employ all the necessary strategies to prevent them from being infected, and those seen to be experiencing chronic anxiety should receive good counsel and support.  


Nurse, Nursing, Job Effectiveness, Covid-19 Pandemic, Nigeria

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