Isaac Fadeyi Olajide, Babatunde Abiodun Fanawopo


The media have significant roles in entrenching good governance and accountability in Nigeria. However, despite Nigeria's constitutional provision for good governance and independent media role, journalists have diverse perspectives on the media's role in governance. Therefore, this study examined the journalists' perspectiveson entrenching good governance and accountability in Nigeriato understand the media's role in a democratic society. The Social Responsibility Media theory framed this study while qualitative data through in-depth interviews were gathered from ten purposively chosen journalists from five conveniently chosen broadcast and five print media organizations in Nigeria. The findings revealed that journalists often beam their searchlight on the governments' activities. However, due to ownership structure, Editors' relationship with political office holders, and other challenges, journalists are often laid back in carrying out their major duties. The study concludes that although there are improvements in journalists' reportage of good governance, the Nigerian media has not lived up to its expectations in entrenching good governance and accountability and recommends that the media should be fully independent to perform its statutory roles in democratic societies.


Journalists, Perception, Media Influence, Entrenchment, Good Governance, Accountability, Nigeria.

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