Ambrose Obodoezeojiakor Ogueche (PhD), Rev. Fr. Dr. Williams Peter Awoshiri, Joseph Umar Bibinu, Habila Katuka


This paper focuses on the Christian response to abortion in the Nigerian society. The rate at which abortion is being procured in the Nigerian society is worrisome. This is caused by the moral degeneration and ethical misconduct in our contemporary Nigerian society. The researchers made use of secondary sources of data collection as their methodology. This work found out that our society does not live up to their expectations, the influence of social media among our youths, lack of family planning by married couples, the youths quest to satisfied their sexual urge early in life are all predisposition factors that cause abortion in our society. The work recommended family planning among the married couples, teaching of sex education to our youths early in life.Teaching the right moral values to our teenage boys and girls and strict adherence to the Bible teachings on sex will no doubt eradicate abortion in the Nigerian society.


Spate, Abortion, Christian Religion, Response, Nigeria.

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