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This paper examined and discussed the possibility of making blacksmithing a school career in the departments of fine and applied art of tertiary schools in Nigeria. It highlighted the characteristics of blacksmithing as an occupation and as a traditional art. It emphasized the link between blacksmithing and school career, the problem of blacksmithing in Nigeria and benefits of blacksmithing to a blacksmith and the nation. The paper also discussed the strategies of making blacksmithing a school career in the department of Fine and Applied Arts with a view of encouraging the upcoming students to specialize in blacksmithing. The findings are largely based on biographical survey of qualitative research methods and research questions which test the objective of the study. It adopts the historical survey technique which relies on primary and secondary source of data collection. It was ascertained that blacksmithing has significant academic prospects for Fine and Applied Arts students in Nigeria. Therefore concluded that Nigerian educational system needs to make deliberate effort at inculcating blacksmithing in the learners, to enable them specialize in it and cope with the challenges of globalization, rapid technological advancement, employment and ensure sustainable development. 


Blacksmithing, School Career, Fine and Applied Arts, Tertiary Education, Nigeria

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