Oladosu Samson Bisi (PhD)


Without exaggeration, injustice has being the most potent catalyst for negative agitations in the contemporary Nigeria. Majority of citizens have suddenly realized that it takes serious efforts not to be treated as second rated individuals or group, be it on religious, political or basis ethnic before one gets what rightly and constitutionally belongs to him or her. Among the efforts under review is to belong to any or all influential ethnic, religious and political groups in good standing. Apart from being denied your constitutional right, one can even be wasted for demanding for such rightful rights. The waste in question may involve incarceration and liquidation depending on the position of authorities involved. This paper examines hermeneutically and historically. Apostle Paul is travail in the hand of powerful authorities in the book of Acts: 24:24 – 27 findings reveal that Paul became a provision of conscience for doing the right thing. And even the most powerful authority, having being convinced of his innocence, postponed delivering justice under primordial sentiment and pecuniary of gain. The paper concludes that the undoing of the power that be held eventually to their demise and recommends unbiased justice for sustainable development in any given society.


Procastination, Lucan Acts, Implications, Social Justice, Nigeria.

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