H. Shehu, B. I. Burabe, A. S. S. Umar, F. L. Kareto


This study assessed the perceived effectiveness of extension service delivery in improving poultry production among poultry farmers in Maiduguri.  Borno State, Nigeria. A two-stage sampling procedure was used in chosing 200 poultry farmers. Primary data were used which were collected with the aid of structure questionnaire. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics such as mean, five (5) point likert scale, ranking and inferential statistics using simple regression analysis. The results revealed that majority (77.5%) of the respondents were male, 70% were married and majority (85%) fell within the age bracket of 21-60 years with majority (80%) had an average of 6 persons per households. The results further showed that a greater proportion (86%) had attended some level of education and 54% have being in the business for more than 5 years on an annual income of 20 - 40,000 per annum. It further showed that more than half (53%) attested that extension services delivered to the farmers is not effective. There was significant relationship between perceived effectiveness of extension services and stock size of the respondent at 5% level of significance with an estimated R2 at 87%.  Inadequate extension services were identified as the most serious problem. Thus, the need for rendering frequent services at an affordable fees and organize regular seminars and workshop on poultry management, local feed formulation among others.


Poultry farmers, Extension services, Perceived effectiveness.

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