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This paper examined the role of sub-regional organizations in regional peace and security. It also analysed the experience of the ECOWAS/ ECOMOG, in conflict management in the intra-state conflicts in Liberia and Sierra Leone between 1990 and 2000, when ECOMOG’s operation lasted. It has been observed, that the study of ECOWAS/ECOMOG as a sub-regional organization involved in conflict management received little or no scholarly attention. This paper therefore, is an attempt to fill this gap. The general objective of the study is to examine the role of sub-regional organizations in regional peace and security, based on the ECOMOG military interventions in West Africa. The paper specifically evaluated the experience of ECOWAS/ECOMOG, as a mechanism of sub-regional security cooperation, and how it conducted peace operations in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The approach is descriptive and analytical and relied predominantly on secondary data sources.


Sub-regional, Organization, Peace, Security, Military, Interventions.

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