Bolanle Samuel Jolapamo, Bernice Sanusi (PhD)


This study examined reportage of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) during COVID-19 as an Agenda-Setting function of the media, a content analysis of ThisDay and Vanguard newspaper. The objectives of the study were to ascertain the nature of coverage of SMEs reports by ThisDay and Vanguard newspaper during COVID-19 in Nigeria; to determine the prominence given to SMEs reports by ThisDay and Vanguard newspaper during COVID-19 in Nigeria; also to examine the depth given to SMEs reports by ThisDay and Vanguard newspaper during COVID-19 in Nigeria; and to know the most reported SME by ThisDay and Vanguard newspaper during COVID-19 in Nigeria. The study adopted a quantitative content analysis research method in probing the research questions thereby using code guide and code sheet for data collection. Through composite week sampling method, a sample size of 17 editions were chosen for each of the newspapers to make a total edition of 34 of both ThisDay and Vanguard newspapers out of 240 editions of the both newspapers from January to April, 2021 which make the population for our study. To this end, study revealed that both Vanguard and ThisDay newspapers reported small and medium enterprise stories in straight news; it also showed that Vanguard and ThisDay newspapers placed majority of the stories relating to SMEs inside the pages of the newspaper; more so that both newspaper reported small and medium enterprises’ activities in 1-2 columns depicting that the depth used in report of SME events during COVID-19 in Nigeria was low; and that both Vanguard and ThisDay newspaper did not focus specifically on one aspect of the various small and medium enterprises but considered reporting events on SMEs in a general sphere. Study therefore recommended that there is need for the Nigeria media, particularly print to intensify efforts towards covering practical advancement in small and medium enterprises activities and not only focus on mere information emanating from government or other individuals and institutions.


COVID-19, Content Analysis, Composite Week Sampling Method, SMEs, Media Reportage.

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