Sandra L. N. Emmanuel, K. J. Ringim


This study examined teamwork and its effect on organisational performance of some chosen banks in Abuja Metropolis (A study of Ecobank and First bank plc Abuja). The study focused on the Primary sources of data collection. Structured questionnaires were administered to 114 respondents through a web link who made up the population of the study. The Taro Yamane formulan= N/ (1+Ne2) is used to get the actual sample size based on the population at 95% confidence interval and 5% error margin. The study employed regression analyses to measure the effect of the teamwork variables (communication and cooperation) on organisational performance. The result (R2 = 0.795 P < 0.000 & β= 0.892), (R2 = 0.760; P < 0.000 & β=0.872) showed that communication and cooperation have a significant effect on the organisational performance of chosen banks in Abuja Metropolis. The study recommends that Ecobank and Firstbank in Abuja Metropolis should improve on strategies that improve communication amongst workforce. Also, banks should encourage positive attitudes like listening which promotes cooperation amongst the workforce to improve teamwork.


Teamwork, Communication, Collaboration, Organisational Performance.

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