Godson Chinedum Iwuagwu, Felicitas Onyemazuwa Iwuagwu, Felicia Onyekpauwanaka Akuta


This paper elucidates the need for a planned acculturation at childhood level of education for proper integration of different cultures in the childhood curriculum of Nigerian schools. The paper identified Nigeria as a multi-tribal, multicultural and multi-lingual nation where cultural and religious diversities of citizens threaten the unity and peaceful coexistence of the people. The paper therefore argued that planned acculturation at childhood level of education will increase inter-cultural assimilation, cultural tolerance and national unity since at this stage of education, withdrawal, resistance and restriction to acculturation is minimal while adjustment is maximized. Hence, the paper concluded that planned acculturation is necessary for national unity. Therefore suggested that Federal Ministry of Education in conjunction with the curriculum experts should develop and introduce planned acculturation as core subject at childhood education level in Nigeria; and that capacity building programme should be organized for teachers at childhood education level for effective and unbiased teaching of acculturation.


Acculturation, Approach, Childhood Education, Veritable Tool, National Uni

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