Nkechi Emem-Obong, Kabiru Jinjiri Ringin, Halima Shuaibu


The main aim of this study was on the effects of customer satisfaction on customer retention. The data for this study was obtained from primary sources. They were gathered using questionnaire structured on the basis of the research hypothesis, which was presented to the respondents to express their views, opinions, and observations. The researcher sampled employees of Access bank using simple random sampling. The researcher however made use of 200 respondents for this study. Following the major findings of this study, it was found that that customer satisfaction enhances customer commitment, prompt delivery of service has effect on satisfaction of a customer, quality service has effect on satisfaction of a customer, good value for money has effect on satisfaction of a customer and good price has effect on satisfaction of a customer. Based on the findings of this research study, the following recommendations are made, it is suggested that banking institutions especially Access Bank Plc improve on customer service / care as well as ensure services that are convenient for customers in lieu of their cost of banking in order to satisfy their numerous customers. If this is done, it will serve as a strategic tool in retaining customers in a perfectly competitive market thereby making the customers more satisfied.


Effects, Satisfaction, Customer, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Retention.

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