Chioma Ifeoma Agbasimelo (PhD), Chinwe Rebecca Okoyeocha, Kobimdi Cordelia Umeh, Chinedu Lawrence Ekweonu


Nigeria has been a denizen of conflicts. Aside from the perennial conflicts between the farmers and the herders. Notable security challenges which includes the activities of the Biafra separatists, Militant Islamists in the North, kidnapping in many parts of the country; The Niger Delta imbroglio. The Boko Haram group remains arguably Nigerian security threat. New media can be described as online based tools and services connecting people and enabling interaction with each other over the internet. The New media has increased social and political interactions through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Social networking sites are used by terrorist groups with dedicated servers and websites to spread propaganda, they use the medium for recruitment, fund raising, training mechanisms and other forms of cybercrimes. This study adopts the qualitative approach in appraising the correlation between the media and insecurity in Nigeria. This work provides critical discourse of the concept of New Media and Moral Degradation. The paper examines the critical role of the Media in combating the upsurge of crime which has led to a state of Insecurity and Moral Degradation in Nigeria.


New Media, Moral Degradation, Insecurity, Media, Conflicts.

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