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The current globalization of markets has made business to see the internationalization of their activities as a way of remaining competitive. Marketing strategies have become important tools globally for any organization to remain in competitive market environment hence stronger. Epetimehin (2011) sees strategy as a pattern of resource allocation decisions made throughout an organization. The data for this study was obtained from primary sources. They were gathered using questionnaire structured on the basis of the research hypothesis, which was presented to the respondents to express their views. The researcher sampled employees of the chosen beverages companies using simple random sampling. Following the major findings of this study, A correlation of .972 which showed a strong direct correlation between marketing strategies and sales performance while p-value of 0.001 which is considered less than 0.05. On the backdrop of the aforementioned analyses the null hypothesis is at 5% level of significance is rejected while the alternative hypothesis is accepted. Thus the analysis inferred that there is significant relationship between marketing strategies and sales performance in chosen beverages companies. Based on the findings of this research study, the following recommendations are made, In view of the above findings, it is suggested that fast moving consumer goods’ producers especially La Casera Company Plc should seek out more segments in the market so as to meet the needs of their numerous customers. If this is done, it will serve as a strategic tool in organizational productivity in the perfectly.


market strategies, product, price, place, promotion, Sale Performance.

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