Tyoapine John Hanmaikyur (PhD), Isaac Igbe (PhD), Igbabee Samuel Ucherwuhe (PhD), Hembadoon Diaka-Tingir, Simeo Terhile Nomwange, Terzungwe James Aaver


This effect of Tourism Marketing on Revenue Generation in Benue state of Nigeria was investigated in this study. A survey design was adopted for the study while needed data was collected from all the 34 management and marketing staff of Ministry of Tourism. The collected data were coded using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Descriptive statistical techniques were used for data analysis while inferential statistics, t- statistics was used to test the study's hypotheses at 5 % level of significance. Findings from the analysis revealed that Tourism marketing has significant positive effect on Revenue generation in the study area. Based on the findings, the study concludes that there is significant long run effect of Tourism Marketing on Revenue Generation in Benue State. The study recommended (among others) that  Government should ensure the improvement of available infrastructures and relevant strategies in order to provide an enabling environment for tourism marketing to continue to increasingly contribute to Revenue generation in  the area.


Tourism Marketing, Revenue Generation, Tourists, Customers.

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