Tyoapine John Hanmaikyur (PhD), Isaac Igbe, Igbabee Samuel Ucherwuhe, Hembadoon Diaka-Tingir, Simeon Terhile Nomwange, Terzungwe James Aaver


This study investigated the effect of sales force resilience on sales performance of yam sellers in Makurdi metropolis of Benue State, Nigeria. The study adopted a survey design while needed data was collected from primary sources through self administered questionnaire to 31 sales employees of yam tuber marketers were sampled for the study. Regression analysis was employed to test the study hypotheses with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS 24) at 5 % level of significance. Finding's from the study's analysis revealed that sales force resilience has significant effect on sales performance of yam tuber marketers studied (P-value .000 < α = 0.05). Findings from this study have left no option than to conclude that sales force resilience have significant effect on sales performance of yam tuber marketers studied. Based on the outcome of the analysis, the study it recommended (among others that) that Marketers of yam tubers should encourage their sales force to employ high level of resilience strategy in all their selling practices to attract enhanced sales performance of their businesses.


Sales force, resilience strategy, Sales performance, Yam tuber marketers, Makurdi Metropolis.

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