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The focus of this study is to examine the relationship between resource control and sustainable development in a federal experiment and also to bring to the interconnection and interrelatedness of the two variables and to achieve a peaceful coexistence, political stability and sustainable development in Nigeria. Theoretically, this paper adopted the game theory as its theoretical framework; the study relied solely on secondary data which has qualitative information. The objective of this study is to carefully establish that true federalism is meant to allow the component states harness their own resources and pay a certain percentage of tax to the central government this was the practice in Nigeria during the regional government system that was destroyed by the military. And that resources control if allowed have the tendency of helping Nigerians economic pace of development and will stabilize in the polity and at the end will result to sustainable development in the entire Nigerian state. Therefore, true federalism should be practiced by Nigerian government, state should have the constitutional right to manage and control their resources and pay tax to the central government, the central government should from time to time intervene to render aids and technical assistance to any state that is in need, these will help to maintain peaceful coexistence and accelerate sustainable development in Nigeria.


True Federalism, Resource Control, Remedy, Sustainable Development, Nigeria.

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