Olabode John Omotosho (PhD), Samuel Olukayode Oyalabu


The world of perfection is revealed in the first two chapters (Genesis) of biblical account. But as a result of human error against divine order, human life became distorted and perverted. In effect, humanity seemed to have lost tranquillity and sanctity, and all forms of abnormalities set in. Subsequently, the globe is no longer a safe place to live. Consequently, Nigeria in particular, results of insecurities are becoming alarmingly unbearable. In spite of all the efforts of Nigerian government at curbing insecurities there is no significant desirable outcome. Presently, Boko-Haram, kidnapping, banditry, armed-robbery, militancy and many others have made Nigeria to become unsafe place to live. In this wise, conforming to the divine preventive technique in Judges 6-7,the mayhems of insecurities in Nigeria would be curbed. This paper adopted the sociological principle of reading with the author and theological hermeneutical method to examine the preventive technique in the biblical times vis-à-vis Nigerian insecurities. The study discovered that the preventive technique in Nigeria is ineffective, inefficient, unproductive, and unsustainable. Therefore, in order to have an effective, efficient, productive, and sustainable security in Nigeria, this paper submitted that the preventive technique in Judges 6, 7could be adopted in all levels of the Nigerian government. More so, it was observed that during biblical era, preventive measures were put in place to strengthen security and its sustainability.


Sustainability, Security, Insecurity, Preventive, Technique.

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