Victor Amadin Idehen, Ewere Mayor


This study examined pre- retirement entrepreneurial implementations (10 years before retirement) of civil servants in Edo State. The objective of the study is to prepare individuals psychologically for retirement as well as developed small business information before retirement in other to spur entrepreneurial implementation among civil servants ten years before their disengagement. The research design is both explorative and quantitative. Primary data were elicited through the use of questionnaire. The data were analyzed and presented using statistical technique such as table and percentages. The result revealed that many civil servants do not have business 10years before their retirement. Based on the findings, it was recommended that the government and its various agencies should come up with policies on entrepreneurial plans and implementations 10years before retirement for every civil servant. Second, certain percentage of employee monthly salary and pension fund should be set aside for entrepreneurial start up 10years before retirement and finally, there should be adequate campaign and enlightenment of civil servants on the need to be entrepreneurial 10 years before retirement.


Retirement, Employee, pre-retirement, entrepreneurial plan, Business ideas

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