Kingsley Uchenna Mbamalu, Prof Ewuim Ngozi Christiana


The manifest problems confronting local governance institutions in the attainment of community development goals and objectives in Nigeria necessitated the decision to embark on this discourse. Using, Anaocha local government area as a springboard for our analysis in this paper, we sought to find out the development problems faced by communities in Anaocha local government area and proffer useful recommendations on the way forward. Qualitative method of data generation was utilized in this paper. To this effect, data from secondary sources formed the basis of our analysis. The paper discovered that, inadequate use of grassroots institutions, economic inequality, inadequate financial resources, corruption and the general malaise called the Nigerian factor were among the problems that have hindered community development in Anaocha local government area. As part of its conclusion, the paper stated that, until these problems are solved, community development in Anaocha LGA will remain inconsistent and ultimately a hoax. The paper therefore, recommends that Traditional institutions should be incorporated into the development programs of the local government.


Anaocha LGA, Community development, Local government, Economic inequality.

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