Temidayo Olurotimi Bankole, Chinwe Jameelah Aiyelabegan


Local herbal drug vendors operating on market days in most local markets and on the streets in major cities of Nigeria have indeed become a regular part of the nation's total market force engaging daily in the distribution chain of foods, drugs, and other consumables. These itinerant sales force or hawkers many of whom are without formal education or any form of training in advertising marketing and salesmanship are however a force to be reckoned with. This is so because they have become so ubiquitous as they engage in various unethical conducts and unwholesome business practices while advertising and marketing different drugs, local herbs, herbal mixtures, ointments, concoctions, etc. in our surroundings. Based on the imperatives of this phenomenon as a potential health hazard to the members of the society, this research was conducted. The paper employed the discourse analysis method in exploring relevant research materials and journal articles to address the menace of this ugly trend in the society. Findings identified illiteracy, poverty, lack of control and regulation of the market sector, ignorance on the side of the consumers and role conflict among the agencies as some of the factors promoting the continuous existence of these unethical conducts and unwholesome business practices. The paper suggested ways of ensuring effective monitoring and regulations of the activities of these itinerant herbal drug vendors and recommended increased public enlightenment and media campaigns among other solutions as part of the measures to streamline and regulate the trend of this abnormality and illegality in the society.


Unethical Business Practices, Herbal Drugs Vendors, Mass Media, Regulatory Agencies, Nigeria.

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