Henry Ejotubu Ogbe (PhD), Jude Onyemekihian (PhD)


The Nigeria-Benin Republic border is one of the sources of insecurity to the Nigerian state due to its porosity. The paper then examined the effective security challenges at the Nigeria-Benin Republic border. Ex-post facto research design, which relied on secondary sources inquiry and structural functionalism theory, was adopted in the paper. The paper looked at the danger of inadequate security of Nigeria-Benin border to Nigerian National security and security challenges at the Nigeria-Benin Republic border. The paper revealed the challenges of management, ECOWAS protocol on free movement, lack of development of border communities, and historical ties committed in Nigeria. The paper recommends proper regular training on border security management of the involved security personal and demarcation of the border with built wall with Iron Gate rather than bamboo sticks.


Nigerian State, Border, Border security, Governance, National security.

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