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Management of conflict is a critical issue which many churches are battling with owing to the nature and the threat that conflict itself poses on churches. In fact, in all areas of human endeavor, conflict is bound to crop up because as humans we relate with one another. Conflict erupts especially when individuals or groups, societies, states and nations’ interests are threatened. The body of Christ is not exempted from conflict related issues as observed in Christ Apostolic Church. Christ Apostolic Church started as a genuine mission with a clearly defined mission but derived and degenerated due to leadership crisis into a presently fractionalized and polarized church. This happened because the Church allows secularism, human sentiments, the excessive pursuit for, or worship of power or fame (that was supposed or originally meant to be exclusive spiritual in nature) from a mundane perspective. The purpose of this paper is to establish the fact that conflict can be managed and effectively resolved irrespective of its type. The method adopted was historical method. The work recommended among other things that leadership is service to God and humanity. As such, church leaders in position of responsibilities should focus on the reason for their calling rather than struggling for power and fame.


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