Eberechukwu Francisca Chigbu (PhD), Christopher Onyema Odo, Edna Nkechi Ofojebe (PhD), H. E. Uzoekwe (PhD)


This study investigated sexual promiscuity among adolescents in Nsukka Education zone of Enugu State. Two research questions were formulated to guide the study and two hypotheses. The population of the study consisted of 300 adolescents drawn from four secondary schools in Nsukka Education zone using stratified random sampling techniques. Questionnaire was the instrument foe data collection while the data collected were analyzed using mean (x) score. In testing the hypothesis, t-test statistics was adopted. Based on the analysis, the following major findings emanated from the study. That what constitute sexual promiscuity among adolescents are indiscriminate engagement in sexual acts, keeping many sex partners for the love of it, taking part in sexual acts as societal norms. The cause of sexual promiscuity among adolescents are negative peer group influence, lack of self control, early exposure to pornography, ignorance of the negative effects of sexual promiscuity and wrong parenting styles as shown the study. Recommendations and educational implications were made by the researchers.


Sexuality, Sexual promiscuity, Adolescents, Nsukka Education Zone, Enugu State.

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