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This work x-rayed the trajectory of ethnicity, religion and economic factors as indices that lubricate crisis of governance in the African continent. It assessed these factors in some countries across Africa, but with particular reference to Nigeria, where these are simultaneously showcased in the front burner. The work identified that the governments’ inability to tackle the problems of poverty and corruption is a bane to development; these have fueled conflicts that took the face of ethnicity and religion. The research found that good economic and good corporate governance are fundamental preconditions for the renewal of Africa.  The paper concludes that Africa can do better when we live beyond primordial sentiments of tribalism and ethnicity with a deliberate insistence on credible elections as a means of changing bad and corrupt leaders. The descriptive method and content analysis of research was utilized through the gathering of scholarly data sources from relevant materials in books, journals and magazines, internet and newspapers. The paper reviewed a theory, namely Conflict Transformation which states that in spite of the abundant human and natural resources which Africa is endowed, what is found is the poor management of these resources because of bad governance, corruption and huge external debt. 


Ethnicity, Governance, Religion, Economic indices, Conflict.

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