Evaristus Eze (PhD), Virginia Anulika Obi (PhD)


The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence and effect of workplace bullying on employee job performance in road transport Subsector in Imo State, Nigeria. Workplace bullying for this study is regarded as that offensive behaviours/actions at work that is of repetitive nature, vindictive, cruel, malicious and humiliating aimed at undermining an individual or group of employees’ ability to perform their duties. Based on  Questionnaires survey administered on 8*0 management and supervisory staff of ABC Transport plc we established that employees in the road transport  sector faced a number of bullying behaviors that impeded on their performance in the workplace, mostly, humiliation, persistently assaulted, often  physical abused, exposure to unmanageable workload, deliberate denial of entitlement, excessive monitoring of work by superiors and given tasks with unreasonable deadlines .The study also showed that  there is significant but negative relationship between workplace bullying and  employee job performance. We recommended as a way out  that organisations in the sector should formulate and implement programs that will ensure early detection of bullying actions,   zero tolerance to bullying behaviours at work place, better handling of reported bullying cases, Punishments for convicted offenders, Copping strategies for the bullied and Necessary  mechanism to guarantee non repeat.


Workplace, Bullying Behaviour, Employee Job Performance, Road Transport Companies, Imo State.

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