Edwin Chukwuaguzie Elujekwute (PhD), Shehu Habib, Olusola Regina Ogundipe


This paper examined the Assessment of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Facilities in the Management of Secondary Schools in North- Central States of Nigeria. It also appraises the level of availability of ICT facilities in schools and the capacity of using ICT facilities for teaching and learning. The paper revealed that ICT facilities are lacking in schools and teachers and students are to a little extent exposed to the use of ICT. Moreover, the paper also revealed that perceived benefits of using ICT facilities in secondary schools in North-Central States of Nigeria. However, despite these perceived benefits, the paper revealed some of the Constraints of ICT Application in Secondary Schools in the Zone. It also proffers Strategies for Strengthening ICT usage in Secondary Schools in North-Central States of Nigeria. Conclusion were made and implication drawn


Assessment, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), School Management, Secondary Schools, Nigerian North-Central Zone.

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