Michael Olarewaju Ogundele (PhD), Timson Ifeanyi Ndupuechi (PhD), Rev. Sr. Rotkangmwa Juliana Bodang (PhD)


Access to quality education in Nigeria had become the issue of concern for the Nigerian government. However, the existing public Universities are not enough to accommodate the admission applicants, however, in order to complement the governmental efforts. The Federal government grants license for the private individuals or organizations to establish private universities; yet, the students many students that apply for admission are not admitted. The problems however, lead to proliferation of the private universities and the existing private universities out numbered the public universities and  the generality of people could not get access. The paper therefore focused on the concepts, the reasons,the associated  problems and the effects on the quality education. It was suggested that the public education programme should be expanded towards equity, access and quality universities education and that the programme be adequately funded to revitalize the programme in Nigeria.


Private Universities, Proliferations, Access, Quality Education, Problems and Way Forwards.

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