Maximus Chijioke Obute, Kelvin A. Asogwa, Emmanuel Eze (PhD)


The major aim of any organization is to function effectively to enable proper productive atmosphere. However, employing best strategist for proper management of an organization is necessary to foster good human relationship among workers and employees in an organization. Such better approaches or strategies include; collaboration among workers representatives, proper bargaining and fair power play among others. As the causes of this conflict was identified properly in this paper, such causes as poor management styles of leadership, late of payment of workers, salaries, inappropriate termination of workers appointment social awareness of workers individuals interest among other things. The paper recommends that employee of organization should properly build a good human relationship between their staff by having a mutual understanding between their workers representative and management representative. The paper further recommends that late payment of workers’ salaries should be avoided by any organization to enable enough production. It also suggests that workers in construction firm should not be sacked from their jobs inappropriately.


Conflicts, Conflict Management, Organization, Road Construction Workers, Nigeria.

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