Edoghogho Omoregie, Sunday Aideloje, John Anani A. Anetekhai


This paper analyzes how state institutions’ activities can either lead to a stable or a fragile state which in turn can as well guarantee security or be a threat to national security in the system, just like the case in Nigeria which is the main focus of this paper. Failure in state institutions can easily snowball into state fragility in the system; this in turn becomes a threat to national security. As part of efforts in structuring this discourse, other possible courses of state fragility are identified and highlighted but emphases are placed on democratic institutions like the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary, and activities of all other sub- institutions under these major ones, considering the statutory roles of these institutions in democratic systems, the paper shows that, failure on the part of these institutions in the effective performance of their roles can lead to a fragile or vulnerable state, which in turn threatens the security of the nation.   Democratic state institutions in various systems are saddled with enormous responsibilities. Paradoxically these institutions overtime in Nigeria are observed to be engulfed in activities bordering on corruption, ineffectiveness, legitimacy crises amongst others, these hampers  the state from effectively exercising jurisprudence over its territories, solve problems emanating from unemployment, underdevelopment and effective conflict management in the system. The aforementioned vices, portends threat to national security. The paper utilizes the qualitative source of data gathering, which includes Books, journals, magazines, internet materials and others. These are carefully analyzed. The structural functionalist theory is deployed as the foundational medium of analysis. This paper has as part of its recommendations the following:  there is the urgent need to strengthen human capital development through well structured educational system in Nigeria, the need for massive infrastructural development cannot be overemphasized in the country, this will enhance the living conditions of the people.  There is also the need for the political leadership of the country to aggressively fight the evil of corruption in both public and private lives of the people; this is one way of tackling the legitimacy crises political leaderships are facing in Nigeria.


State fragility, National security, Institutions, Development, Government.

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