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A university is a place where universal knowledge is taught and learned. The term “university education”, means the totality of general and specialized knowledge and skills that enable a graduate to solve problems that he encounters in the industry or to perform scientific research or pedagogical work within the area of specialized knowledge that he has acquired. Social demand is the demand for formal education not only for its benefits in employment, but also as a consumer good with intrinsic values in its own right. It equally means an approach and as such, it is an educational planning methodology that is based on the individual’s demand for education rather than the requirements of the economy in terms of educated manpower. In the light of the above, this paper examines the impact of education funding in relation with the relevance of university education to the socio-political development. In order to have a thorough and detailed result, certain concepts relating to the topic stated above were extensively x-rayed and explicitly discussed; as a result, suggestions that include the following were made. 1.) For any meaningful development to occur, education must be given its prime position in scheme of things. Therefore, government should vote at least 26% of the nation’s annual income into the system etc.


University Education, Social Demand, Education Funding, Relevance, Socio-Political Development.

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