Samuel Olukayode Oyalabu, Eleazar Enyioma Ufomba


The outbreak of Islamic fundamentalism with its diverse attacks on other religions remains one ugly global phenomenon that truncates the quest for universal peace and interreligious harmonious co-existence even in Nigeria. The implication of such religious extremism is benumbing to almost every national and international peace effort. From a historical approach, this paper examined the cordial relationship with which Islamic faith grew up in its cradle amidst other existing religions, such as Judaism and Christianity. Findings in this work showed that the adherents of Christian faith, together with the pagans made huge positive contributions to the survival of Islam at infancy. Hence, the study recommends that the tremendous assistance rendered by other religions in the protection of Islam in its early days is a historical fact that must be promoted with the view to educating and dissuading Islamic fundamentalists and supporters of religious extremism. Bearing in mind that such historical fact is very didactic for extremists towards instilling a second thought in their dealings with other religions, as the appeal for peace in the world is the prerogative of all religions.


Islam, Inter-faith, Other religions, Peaceful co-existence, Nigeria

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