Stephen Chinedu Chioke, Kingsley Uchenna Mbamalu


Organizations in the Nigerian context have suffered supply shortage and this has remained an ugly reoccurring decimal in the nation’s Public Enterprises and Civil Service and one cannot therefore look askance at this trouble and wallow in the pretense that all is well with the sovereign entity wrongly called the giant of Africa. The persisting quagmire is the inability of organizations to attain the mission and purpose for which it stands for. Using secondary sources of data, the paper was poised to ascertain and demonstrate how human resource planning affects the nation’s organizational performance and thus relayed a dialectical correlation between human resource planning and organizational performance. As a way forward; human resource planning should be subjected to the rigors of HRP international best practices, civil service rules, morals, values and ethics of the profession. As its concluding remark, the paper added that, human resource planning is a key factor for optimum organizational performance, growth and sustainable development of any formal organization and the nation at large.


Bureaucracy, Human Resource Planning, Organizations, Organizational Performance, Philosophical Approach

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